Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day
The fireworks are about to light up the night time sky as July kicks off.
The BBQ grills are being pulled out of storage after months of being tucked away.
We have already seen a couple of 90 degrees days and can only expect more.
The pools and beaches are filling up faster than you can imagine.
Flowers are in full bloom while the trees are spreading far and wide.

There seems to be only one thing missing to make this an even better summer.
So what might that be?!
That's guessed it! 
A Del Rio Yachts Special Edition "Booze Cruise!"
All Aboard for an afternoon or evening of great tropical drinks, music, food and fun!
Whatever the occasion, we've got expert party planners on staff standing ready to help you pull off the best summer event ever!

So don't let the warm weather go to waste. Make haste! Pump up the music and let your worries get carried off by the bass. No other Cruise can keep up with our pace. This is a winner takes all race and we stand ready to serve you with style and grace! So call us soon...

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