Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day
The fireworks are about to light up the night time sky as July kicks off.
The BBQ grills are being pulled out of storage after months of being tucked away.
We have already seen a couple of 90 degrees days and can only expect more.
The pools and beaches are filling up faster than you can imagine.
Flowers are in full bloom while the trees are spreading far and wide.

There seems to be only one thing missing to make this an even better summer.
So what might that be?!
That's guessed it! 
A Del Rio Yachts Special Edition "Booze Cruise!"
All Aboard for an afternoon or evening of great tropical drinks, music, food and fun!
Whatever the occasion, we've got expert party planners on staff standing ready to help you pull off the best summer event ever!

So don't let the warm weather go to waste. Make haste! Pump up the music and let your worries get carried off by the bass. No other Cruise can keep up with our pace. This is a winner takes all race and we stand ready to serve you with style and grace! So call us soon...

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Celebrate This Summer

Celebrate This Summer
The April Showers are behind us, and the May flowers are in full bloom,
Now it's time to get out and celebrate with the warm weather of June.
There is a birthday or anniversary party just waiting to be had,
and once the invites go out everyone will be oh so glad!
To see that it's finally time to get their party on,
jamming and hanging until the break of dawn.
Perhaps there is a family outing that's way overdue,
Or you'd like to get together with some other couples just like you.
It matters not the type of social gathering you have in mind,
Del Rio's Yachts can give you the one, that's one of a kind!
Festive parties and having a ball on water is what we're known for,
And folks always leave our affairs, still wanting even more.
So don't deprive yourself or even hesitate,
Pick up that phone before it's way too late,
We've still got a few of those best dates,
That are waiting for you to create,
Memories that will last for you and your mate,
Or family and friends that you consider to be great,
We wouldn't want you to miss out on a chance to meet up with fate,
After all, these are the times that you seize the chance to make,
The best of life by celebrating on a Del Rio Yacht, which is always top rate! 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Love Is In The Air

Love Is In The Air
Yes, it's that time of year! And Love is in the Air,
That time when we want to show that special someone,
Just how much we really care.
Words could never be enough when it comes to matters of the heart,
And how you finish something, has a lot to do with how you start.
The engagement ring is bought and he's ready to get on one knee,
Hopefully she'll say yes, to make his heart filled with glee.
Months of planning will certainly begin, as they plan for that special day,
When they walk down the aisle, to profess their love in a romantic way.
Family and friends will get together to celebrate the occasion,
Festivities, dancing, cheering and food of every persuasion.
But before you make that journey of picking out the china and flowers,
You'll need to celebrate with a bachelor(ette) party or Bridal Shower.
No engagement is ever complete, without the party to kick it off in style,
After all, once you're married, you may not be partying for awhile!
So let Del Rio's Yachts help you to plan the perfect party, before your perfect day,
We can create the beginning of the great memories you'll always want to stay.
We can decorate, and never hesitate to, to develop a scrumptious plate,
Of some of the best food you ever ate, that would be well worth the wait.
So just pick a date, that can be commensurate, as there is no debate,
That we'll never be late, when it comes to delivering on great,
When you're ready to begin your fate, with your long-awaited soulmate!
Remember Del Rio's Yachts...Your one stop shop, clearly we can't be topped,
for a celebration of your nuptials, when you can't risk the ball being dropped!
Love is in the turn it over to us and have no fear, we're ready and here,
waiting for your call, to make the best of it all, with a splash of great care! 

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Start Planning Your Summer Corporate Event

Start Planning Your Summer Corporate Event
Ahhh....Spring is in the air....for real this time!  We think it's safe to say that the snow is all behind us now and we can put away the shovels, boots, big coats, gloves and hats for several months because it's that time to start planning your summer corporate event!

It's never too early to plan ahead and secure the best dates that will make this summer a fun, exciting and memorable one for your staff.  Did you know that team building activities like the ones that are organized by Del Rio's Yachts help to build staff morale, drive productivity and can also serve as a great incentive for your top performers.  There's nothing like an elegant afternoon or evening cruising the Hudson in admiration of NYC's dynamic skyline, while partaking in some great food and high powered drinks.  Our bartenders aren't afraid to hold the bottle upside down over your glass for more than 2 seconds and the menu options will leave you thinking that you're at a 4 star restaurant.

Imagine the good times that can be had and how happy everyone will be to shake off their cabin fever in preparation for the great weather ahead.  Just give us a call or shoot us an email and we'll get on the case to helping you plan a wonderful event.  You can even feel free to invite some of your best clients along so that they can be "wined and dined" as a token of your appreciation for  their business. Who knows, after a great hang on one of our luxury cruises they may decide to do even more business with you this year.  So don't delay, the smart folks are already planning ahead and calling us up while it's still chilly outside and well before folks start really warming up to the idea of summer cruises.  We know that you're smart too, so we're looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you on one of our amazing cruises over the next few months!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Yes... Spring Is Near, Though The Cold Is Still Here!!!

Yes... Spring Is Near, Though The Cold Is Still Here!!!

We realize that New Yorkers are still trying to get over the record cold temperatures this season has brought us. And probably warm weather seems like a thing in the far out and distant future, but Spring is nearer than you think!  Did you know that "technically" the first day of Spring begins on March 1st? On the calendar we usually wait an additional 3 weeks for the "official" season to begin, but hey, why wait until then?  We at Del Rio's Yachts would argue that Spring is actually a state of mind!  It begins when you're ready to dig out of the snow and shake off that cabin fever by starting to celebrate birthdays, family events or other special/business occasions that can get you and those closest to you, out and about again.

Well we're here, ready and waiting by the phones to help you plan that next gathering that will help your special invited guests to agree with us that it's high time that all of you get together and celebrate if for no other reason than to embrace the warmer days that are ahead this Spring! Surely you would rather be having fun, enjoying great menu selections and top shelf drinks as you enjoy an evening of cruising in style.  Thanks for always considering Del Rio's Yachts when it comes time to have the best on water experience available in NYC.  We're happy to serve and ready to help you bring this Spring in with bang! Just contact us when ready, we're only an email/phone call away....

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Valentine's Day Cruises

Happy Valentine's Day

It's that special time of year

when Valentine's Day is drawing near

Appetizers & Cocktails we'd like to share

because love is floating in the air!

Whether you're a leader in your company,
looking to host a great time with friends

Have we got some great treats in store
for you to party on water like the night would never end.

Or even if you're someone in love  that wants the world to know
We've got a pretty incredible way for that love you can show.

Take your special someone or group out for an exciting excursion,
It's called a Valentine's Leaders & Lover's Cruise, the Del Rio's Yachts version.

Book a trip today and you will quickly see,
how much your employees or significant other would smile with glee.

This is your chance to make a really big splash,
without having to shell out a whole lot of cash.

The perfect winter cruise with those who matter the most,
Hip, Hip, Cheers, Cheers and Champagne toasts.

So when looking for a great way to wine and dine,
with those you want to spend some quality time,
Feel free to drop us a line, we're here anytime,
just please don't forget your Valentine!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Plan Ahead In 2015

Plan Ahead In 2015!!!

Happy New Year to all of our friends, patrons and supporters!  You know....the great thing about a new year is that not only is it an ideal time for reflection, but it's also a perfect time to do planning and goal setting for the wonderful things that we'd like to accomplish in the year ahead.  Many people will want to plan to join a gym, stop smoking, or lose 30 pounds in 30, but we're hoping that you'll be thinking about how to make this year even more dynamic than the last by planning ahead for some great entertainment and/or celebratory occasions that can help you to recognize important benchmarks in your life and/or business.   Whether it's the "Spring Break Soiree" or the " My Funny Valentine Lover's Cruise" or even a team building retreat with your high performers on the high seas, we at Del Rio's Yachts know that we can help you plan the perfect event that will leave a year long memory and impression on your invited guests.  We've spent the past year perfecting our approach to delivering high quality events on water in a manner that is second to none in our industry!

Just give us a call early in the year and we'll be more than happy to help you organize a special event on one of our luxurious and high-end yachts at a very affordable budget that would surprise you for all that you'd be getting as part of the package. So don't settle for the "cookie cutter cruise" offered by other companies that just invite the general public to come spend a couple of hours eating from a generic menu and cruising in a basic way, when you can have a customized and catered to your specifications event that will undoubtedly deliver an amazing experience to your group unlike anything before.  We're looking forward to hearing from you soon as you plan ahead for a great and prosperous new year.  We'd especially like to be a part of the success that we're hoping that this year will bring you, so please don't hesitate to reach out at your earliest convenience to snatch up the best dates available on the best yachts.  Thank you for all your continued support and again we wish you all the best that 2015 has to offer, which would include Del Rio's Yachts...your one stop shop for "cruising with class!"