Monday, December 2, 2013

Twas The Cruise Before Christmas!!!

Twas The Cruise Before Christmas!!!

Twas the Cruise before Christmas, when all across the Hudson river,
Guests gathered in their finest winter clothing, to keep out the shivers.
There were single folks and couples, looking to party all night,
As they looked for a dynamic cruise, where the price was just right.

The night before, in their beds they tossed and turned with sweet anticipation,
As the thought of a delicious meal on the high seas became an infatuation.
Some even raced to the kitchen, and flung open the door
And gazed at the fridge, full of goodies galore.
But instead they decided to wait, because better was in store,
If they could just wait until a Del Rio Cruise could expose them to more.
Whether it's the office Christmas party, or looking for a way to bring the New Year's in right,
We are able to extend you an amazing and fun-filled night!
You can party real hearty, and feel like you're floating into the skies
Dance with your significant other and exchange kisses as you look into each others eyes.
There can be romance, or a personalized ambiance and d├ęcor,
That will inevitably leaving you wanting so much more!

May your Holiday be joyous, may your new Year be filled with all you dream,
May your family be blessed, and your friends remind you of how much you mean.
May your good times include us for the Holidays, no matter how frio (cold),
May your definition of fun, festivities and a feast, include a Cruise with Del Rio's.

Thank you for your support in years past, and also in the new year yet to be,
We are here awaiting your call or email to book your next cruise out to sea...