Thursday, July 31, 2014

Summer Is Still Here

Summer Is Still Here!!!

Summer is Still Here, but will Soon be Gone!

Who can remember that treacherous winter we had?! Twas not so long ago,
Colds and the flu, chills and frost, and giant mounds of snow.

Well, sorry to tell you this good friends, but before you blink your eyes and look around again,
The trees will be changing colors and shortly thereafter become baron.

We're now at that halfway point, as August is upon us,
Enjoying what's left of the summer to the fullest, is no longer an option but a must!

So before it's too late you need to be making plans,
For how you can get the best out of the rest of this summer, man!

We know you have tons of options that you could ultimately choose,
But nothing says "Summer Fun" like a Summertime Cruise!

You can sail around the city on one of our luxury liners,
Many have searched for better, but eventually concluded that there are none finer.

Than one of our dynamic Del Rio's Yachts that can cater to your every wish,
Where we always provide an awesome atmosphere, while you enjoy some wine and your favorite dish. 

So gather your colleagues, family and friends to cruise with us, but be sure you don't take too long,
Because although Summer is still here, one thing is for sure, it will soon be gone!