Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Valentine's Day Cruises

Happy Valentine's Day

It's that special time of year

when Valentine's Day is drawing near

Appetizers & Cocktails we'd like to share

because love is floating in the air!

Whether you're a leader in your company,
looking to host a great time with friends

Have we got some great treats in store
for you to party on water like the night would never end.

Or even if you're someone in love  that wants the world to know
We've got a pretty incredible way for that love you can show.

Take your special someone or group out for an exciting excursion,
It's called a Valentine's Leaders & Lover's Cruise, the Del Rio's Yachts version.

Book a trip today and you will quickly see,
how much your employees or significant other would smile with glee.

This is your chance to make a really big splash,
without having to shell out a whole lot of cash.

The perfect winter cruise with those who matter the most,
Hip, Hip, Cheers, Cheers and Champagne toasts.

So when looking for a great way to wine and dine,
with those you want to spend some quality time,
Feel free to drop us a line, we're here anytime,
just please don't forget your Valentine!