Monday, October 14, 2013

Halloween Yacht Cruises

Fall is here and the leaves are turning and falling from the trees,
But that only means we move the party from indoors to the high seas.

Before it gets too cold, dreary and the snow starts to drop,
Reserve a night out on the town aboard one of Del Rio's Yachts.

We cater to parties both large and small,
And rest assured we can take care of it all.

When it comes to creating a memorable event that's second to none,
Filled with good food, the best drinks and let's not forget the fun!

So get on board and experience one of our luxurious yachts fit for a king and queen,
It will undoubtedly be the best way that you could spend this season of Halloween!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Halloween Yacht Party

Greetings Boys and Ghouls,

Did you know that not only freaks come out at night?! How would you like to scare up a good time with some of your closest fiends...uh friends or colleagues this Halloween season on the high seas? Well Del Rio Yachts has the best line of luxury Cruise Ships that you'd be proud enough to write home to your Mummy about!  Whether you want to organize a custom affair or allow us to coordinate all of your dastardly needs, Del Rio Yachts can deliver goblets of great drinks, cauldrons of scrumptious food and a decor that will leave you and your guests screaming for more for sure. Give us a call or drop us an email today to get a quote that will be so great it will give you the chills and make you want to party until you raise the dead.

Think Del Rio Yachts, for a phantomtastic time!