Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Star Of America Dining Room Table Setup

This is one of the dining room table setup we can provide you with aboard the Star of America. We have many differant options and color themes.

Corporate Yacht Cruises & Company Boat Parties

Rewarding incentives, important meetings, and sucessful conferences are business as usual with Del Rio Yachts Charter Cruises. Your organization and clients will enjoy one of the most memorable amazing sights that the harbor has to offer. And in the end, they'll associate the entire experience with you and your business.

We have many differant options for your guests to enjoy. If you are interested in a team building themed event, we can provide casino packages or toehr activites aboard our yachts that will have all your guest networking together. Other options can include: Brunch Cruises, Dinner Cruises, Cocktail Receptions, and Sight Seeing Tours.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Nautical Wedding Yacht Cruises

People love to get married aboard yachts.

Celebrating an outdoor wedding ceremony and or reception aboard a romantic luxury yacht brings a fairy tale story upon all your guests. With its ever changing scenery, gorgeous sunset, fresh air, fine dining and dancing under the stars, a nautical wedding is genuinely different, exciting, romantic, and everyone will remember it forever. A wedding aboard a luxury charter yacht will make any bride and groom's special night memorable.

You can choose a ceremony rich in tradition, or one as unique as your imagination. Whatever you choose, a nautical wedding ceremony is destined to be a dream come true. We can customize your wedding anyway you like to make your special event memorable. We have had wedding which are your typical sit-down dinners to a more fun themed wedding having just a cocktail reception. Whatever you envision your dream wedding to be Del Rio yachts can make it come true!

Corporate Sunset Yacht Cruise

Corporate sunset cruise aboard the Yacht Affinity. This cruise included a cocktail hour, buffet dinner, dessert, open bar, and background music on the house system. Enjoy the views of the New York Harbor with great food and music aboard your own yacht.