Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Love Is In The Air

Love Is In The Air
Yes, it's that time of year! And Love is in the Air,
That time when we want to show that special someone,
Just how much we really care.
Words could never be enough when it comes to matters of the heart,
And how you finish something, has a lot to do with how you start.
The engagement ring is bought and he's ready to get on one knee,
Hopefully she'll say yes, to make his heart filled with glee.
Months of planning will certainly begin, as they plan for that special day,
When they walk down the aisle, to profess their love in a romantic way.
Family and friends will get together to celebrate the occasion,
Festivities, dancing, cheering and food of every persuasion.
But before you make that journey of picking out the china and flowers,
You'll need to celebrate with a bachelor(ette) party or Bridal Shower.
No engagement is ever complete, without the party to kick it off in style,
After all, once you're married, you may not be partying for awhile!
So let Del Rio's Yachts help you to plan the perfect party, before your perfect day,
We can create the beginning of the great memories you'll always want to stay.
We can decorate, and never hesitate to, to develop a scrumptious plate,
Of some of the best food you ever ate, that would be well worth the wait.
So just pick a date, that can be commensurate, as there is no debate,
That we'll never be late, when it comes to delivering on great,
When you're ready to begin your fate, with your long-awaited soulmate!
Remember Del Rio's Yachts...Your one stop shop, clearly we can't be topped,
for a celebration of your nuptials, when you can't risk the ball being dropped!
Love is in the Air...so turn it over to us and have no fear, we're ready and here,
waiting for your call, to make the best of it all, with a splash of great care!