Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Celebrate This Summer

Celebrate This Summer
The April Showers are behind us, and the May flowers are in full bloom,
Now it's time to get out and celebrate with the warm weather of June.
There is a birthday or anniversary party just waiting to be had,
and once the invites go out everyone will be oh so glad!
To see that it's finally time to get their party on,
jamming and hanging until the break of dawn.
Perhaps there is a family outing that's way overdue,
Or you'd like to get together with some other couples just like you.
It matters not the type of social gathering you have in mind,
Del Rio's Yachts can give you the one, that's one of a kind!
Festive parties and having a ball on water is what we're known for,
And folks always leave our affairs, still wanting even more.
So don't deprive yourself or even hesitate,
Pick up that phone before it's way too late,
We've still got a few of those best dates,
That are waiting for you to create,
Memories that will last for you and your mate,
Or family and friends that you consider to be great,
We wouldn't want you to miss out on a chance to meet up with fate,
After all, these are the times that you seize the chance to make,
The best of life by celebrating on a Del Rio Yacht, which is always top rate! 

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