Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Start Planning Your Summer Corporate Event

Start Planning Your Summer Corporate Event
Ahhh....Spring is in the air....for real this time!  We think it's safe to say that the snow is all behind us now and we can put away the shovels, boots, big coats, gloves and hats for several months because it's that time to start planning your summer corporate event!

It's never too early to plan ahead and secure the best dates that will make this summer a fun, exciting and memorable one for your staff.  Did you know that team building activities like the ones that are organized by Del Rio's Yachts help to build staff morale, drive productivity and can also serve as a great incentive for your top performers.  There's nothing like an elegant afternoon or evening cruising the Hudson in admiration of NYC's dynamic skyline, while partaking in some great food and high powered drinks.  Our bartenders aren't afraid to hold the bottle upside down over your glass for more than 2 seconds and the menu options will leave you thinking that you're at a 4 star restaurant.

Imagine the good times that can be had and how happy everyone will be to shake off their cabin fever in preparation for the great weather ahead.  Just give us a call or shoot us an email and we'll get on the case to helping you plan a wonderful event.  You can even feel free to invite some of your best clients along so that they can be "wined and dined" as a token of your appreciation for  their business. Who knows, after a great hang on one of our luxury cruises they may decide to do even more business with you this year.  So don't delay, the smart folks are already planning ahead and calling us up while it's still chilly outside and well before folks start really warming up to the idea of summer cruises.  We know that you're smart too, so we're looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you on one of our amazing cruises over the next few months!

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  1. I've worked with these planners as a ceremony and reception guitarist and they continue to be one of the most organized party planner that I've had the pleasure of working with. They’re responsive, on-point, and very helpful.